Connecting passions to careers through pedagogy

Who we are

We exist to remove barriers between today's youths and success.

Collaborating with local leaders, industry professionals, school districts, and families, the Vision Inspired Foundation works to enable students around the globe to discover their life’s purpose regardless of background. We do this in partnership with the community by providing access to a network of leaders, strategic resources, and development opportunities.


Our mission

The Vision Inspired Foundation connects students with professionals who supplement students’ education with a focus on creativity, self-discovery, intellectual curiosity, and community engagement.


How we serve


Career panels & campus speakers

In collaboration with school districts, we connect young professionals with students and engage with them around topics such as:

  • college preparedness,
  • exposure to various industries,
  • career development,
  • résumé editing, and
  • goal setting.

We want to introduce students to fields ranging from medicine, business, engineering, and art; broadening their horizons and hopefully inspiring some with new dreams and goals.


Mentorship Program

College life can be tough, and the ‘real’ world is tougher. Whether you already have an internship lined up this summer or just want to have someone as a sounding board as you process the future, our mentorship program is an excellent opportunity to enhance your learning experience.


We do not pretend to have all the answers, but our team consists of consultants, engineers, scientists, artists, and other professionals who want to walk alongside you on your journey and enable you to make confident decisions in your career.

As a volunteer and mentee, you will engage with the Foundation’s leadership in tackling real problems while also getting to know a little bit more about yourself with mentors who have walked similar paths.


Global initiatives

Do you want to have an impact on the world, but don’t know where to start? Consider joining us in supporting our initiatives around the world. We carefully select the projects and organizations with whom we collaborate so that every dollar goes to the kids.

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Our vision

We challenge students to engage in new perspectives and to think creatively in pursuing careers. Our hope is that students will leave high school with a broader understanding of potential job paths and a more in-depth understanding of personal strengths and passions.


Volunteer with us

What makes you tick? At The VI Foundation, we want to inspire students toward personal growth and discovery! If you're a college student interested our Mentorship Program, find out more through the link below!